The Gruppo Eclat was founded in Arezzo on September the 11th 2001 by an idea of Rosanna Natale and Fabrizio Piaggini, who choose to join their proficiencies in order to create a business plan and create a new brand.  The name Eclat, glow, well represents the energy that unites the two professionials related to passion, honesty and determination. Rosanna and Fabrizio, strong of a long experience in 1AR as designer and mechanical engineer, have been able to create synergies and grow professionally , so much to gain  two historical companies of the territory, Ori Fine Gold and Adriano Valentini,  thus ensuring  to Gruppo Eclat the completeness of the manufacturing processes and greater creative freedom in the design of the sample of gold. The company now counts on a staff of over 25 skilled workers, able to realize variants at the specific requests of the customers, with a production that is characterized by a constant technical research, for the use of machines  in the exclusive, for the cutting edge skills and for the care finishes, which must pass strict quality controls. The distribution has won over the years to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, not to mention the domestic market is still a goal of prestige and quality.


The goldsmith of Arezzo in the Italian market is characterized by its strong commitment to technological research and processes production, becoming over the years heritage of the territory and the export. The leadership held by our country in the goldsmith settings and design of jewellery machinery industry  is also due to the untiring desire to overcome the limits and identify new prospects  for processing and saving precious material. Corporate wealth, the technical qualification can make the difference in terms of  product quality and customer service.





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